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Natalie is an artist based in London. She grew up in the Peak District which has been a great influence on her art. Her practice explores memory, nostalgia, landscape and synesthesia.

Natalie works across mediums, from watercolour to oil pastel and ink. Recently she has enjoyed experimenting with oil pastels, playing with the motion of the medium and exploring movement within her work.

Natalie paints and draws intuitively, creating painted choreographies that move between memory, reality and imagination. Often working with her own memories, Natalie is interested in their depth, intricacy and woven nature, each moment caught and layered in the mind. Through mark making and colour, Natalie finds ways to explore, articulate and express these complex emotions embedded within our memories.

Natalie studied Architectural and Interdisciplinary Studies at The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. From experimenting with drawing during a module at the Slade School of Fine Art, to exploring film and sound installation, Natalie engages a wide range of disciplines within her work.

Since graduating Natalie works across commissions and self-directed artworks, while also working in the music industry - with music being a strong influence in her practice.

Natalie is available for commissions, please feel free to get in contact.


Highgate Contemporary Art Postcard Exhibition - November 2020

Macclesfield Open 2020 June - August 2020

Out-Of-Doors digital exhibition, May 2020